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Fred Thomke

Your very own personal PC Tech Guy!

Last updated Mar 2012

With this site, I hope to be able to:

  • Provide you with help for your PC problems, whether it's software or hardware

  • Help you become more comfortable with your software and hardware

  • Provide Resources so you can help yourself. These will be links to other help resources, documentation, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and so on.

  • I hope to also have links to other non-support topics, in my other areas of interest, such as guitar/music, jokes, a blog, etc.

What do I do?

I like to help normal every-day folks, such as yourself, with any computer problems they might have. There are no guarantees I can fix all problems but we will both learn something in the process, I promise you!

If you have a specific question or problem, or you'd just like to drop me a line, you can reach me via the Contact link in the menu at left.

I can even provide remote support and assistance, using a GREAT web-based support solution called TeamViewer.  With this technology, I am able to make a "Virtual House Call" without actually having to go to your location!  This is a very cost-effective way for me to provide support, because I can often fix your problems without actually having to come to your location!  Click on the Services menu for more information.

Oh, one last thing: I only work on Windows PCs and Linux PCs -- no Macs!  Sorry Mac Heads, you're on your own!

Fred Thomke
Huntington Beach, California, USA