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About me...

I have been helping friends and family members with their computer issues for years.  I finally decided to create a site folks can access to learn more about their computer, request assistance, and even do a little troubleshooting on their own, assuming, of course, their computer issues don't PREVENT them from getting to this site in the first place!  

In addition to my passion for computers, I am also a part-time musician.  I sing and play guitar, with a smattering of harmonica thrown in for good measure.  I use my computer to create and edit my "backing tracks" so that when I'm performing as a solo act, I still have the sound of "a full band" with me!

The Big Boy Himself!

If you'd like to know more about my music interests, drop me a line from the "Contact" menu to the left, or please visit, or send an email (music-related only, please) to and I'll be happy to share my info!