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This page was last updated Nov 2013
Contact me
Email me ( to get more information about my support services. I will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours or less. 
If you need more immediate emergency support, you can also click on this link below -- just type in YOUR phone number and click the "Connect" button.  Your phone will ring, then you will be told to "Press 1" to be connected to MY phone (is this cool or what!??!):


(If you do NOT see a "Call Me" button above it is because you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed.  You can either first install Adobe Flash Player, or you can call me directly at 714-868-6487.)

No matter how you contact me, make sure to include:

Your Name

Your Email Address
(I promise you I WILL NOT sell, divulge, or otherwise use your email address except to provide support to you!)

Your phone number

Your problem
Please be as descriptive as you can be.  Tell me the make/model of computer(s), versions of software, which operating system (XP, Vista, Linux, etc.), other equipment info pertinent to the issue or problem you are experiencing.  Sorry, though, I don't provide support for Apple products!