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Help Me, Fred!

This page was last updated Jan 2017
Help me, Fred!!

Do you need immediate assistance?  Don't panic!!
The answer just might be my Virtual House Call!  I can remotely connect to YOUR computer right now, and provide you guidance and support, about as fast as you can read this page!  I may not have to come to your house, and you might not have to bring your computer to me.  Heck, you and I could each remain at home in our bathrobes!

I use a really nifty support tool by an outfit called TeamViewer.  It is very secure and simple to use.  Just click the button below to download the TeamViewer Support Tool.  Choose "Run" when asked, choosing the default answers if in doubt.  It will install a small applet on your computer, and provide you a unique, secure, nine-digit ID and four-character alphanumeric password.  Call me on my cell (714-269-7151), then give me the ID number and password from the TeamViewer tool -- BAM! I'm connected to you and helping, just like that! 


Call me directly at 714-269-7151.

(At this time, only Windows users can download the TeamViewer tool above using this button -- call me if you have Linux as I can still help you!)